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    During eighteen years of my spiritual practice, I experienced three strata of mind viz. the conscious mind, subconscious mind and supraconscious mind. Thereafter, in the course of my research on mind over a period of 18 years, I discovered Spiritual Science which is beneficial to the entire mankind. I also realized that ‘mind’ is the fifth energy in the Universe. Mind is the one and only sensitive energy in the Universe. Water vapour, water and ice are three different states of the same substance H2O and have different properties as well. Similarly, conscious mind, subconscious mind and supraconscious mind are three different strata of the mind and have different attributes. Conscious mind is turbulent like water vapour and is very emotional. On the other hand, the subconscious mind is steady like the water of a pond or a sea underneath the ripples or waves on the surface. It has steady deep-seated feelings. The supraconscious mind is motionless like ice. The human mind is confined to a human body and as such has several limitations. For establishing and maintaining contact with the external world, the conscious mind is constantly in touch with the brain. The mind acquires knowledge of the external world through the five sense organs of perception and the brain. The subconscious mind has six subtle organs of perception while the supraconscious mind has eight subtle organs of perception.

  The subconscious mind is located in the area of the chest while the conscious mind occupies the rest of the body. The supraconscious mind is located at the bottom of the subconscious mind and is as small as the digit of the thumb. The conscious mind is sensitive to external stimuli, is impressionable and can get inspired from within and without. The subconscious mind is impressionable and can get inspired from within. However, the supraconscious mind is only impressionable. Since the supraconscious mind never comes in contact with the brain, we remain unaware of the impressions or sanskars that we carry from our previous lives or the sanskars that are getting imprinted or imbedded in it during this life. The soul is encased in the supraconscious mind. When a man dies, the conscious mind undergoes dissolution while the soul forsakes the body and moves on with the supraconscious mind. The research connected with Spiritual- Science includes research on life after death, rebirth and development of a baby’s mind during the mother’s pregnancy. Considerable research has also been carried out on the centre-point of the Universe, Big Bang, the Universal Mind that pervades the entire Universe, the global-mind that occupies the Earth’s atmosphere and on the origin of life on Earth. Through this weekly column on Spiritual-Science during the last 16 months, we have briefly considered and discussed only the conscious mind. We now conclude this weekly column.